the complete video security solution

Hilding As A Service or HAAS for short it's a complete solution for incident/alarm or monitoring centrals to remove the need for the technical in house competent and just focus on the core business.


Simply easy and fast

Tennotech offers Hilding As A Service where everything is included to be able to deploy a video monitoring service fast, the only thing needed is a workstation that has the recommended specifications to use the Hilding Watchman software.

Depending on your needs we are always analysis together to find the perfect solutions on the services required.


Increase your productivity and service quality with Hilding As A Service.


Hilding As A Service:

    • VCA Configuration and maintenance

    • Server deployment and back-up

    • Support

    • System controllers

    • Network Engineering/communication

    • Continuous controls of services, errors, logs and databases.




from small business to government projects

Typical Installations

  • Alarm/incident centers
  • Airports
  • Government facility's
  • Large businesses
  • Loading docks
  • Business networks
  • among others...


Small Business

Hilding has a system called Marshal witch opens for cameras to be connected directly to a alarm/incident center and removing the need for a sub-system.

  • Small to medium business with few cameras
  • SD-card support
  • Economically beneficial for small business
  • Removing the need for an recorder on site


Several sites

Government or business networks, when having several different sites on different locations; these can all be connected to one or more Hilding clients and centralizing the overall security.

  • Guarded site
  • Passage control from one location
  • Alarm integration
  • and more

 Tennotech have more than 25 years experience in the video security industry, including patented  solutions and systems that are managing thousands of cameras.

Consulting services with development, configuration, network and integration; we are ready to deploy advanced video security systems for you.

We provide high quality, traceability and documentation on all services and products.

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