Not another VMS

Hilding is more than another VMS-system, it’s a new paradigm in monitoring complex large scale video systems.


Single User Interface

Hilding integrates VMS-systems, such as Bosch or Milestone Xprotect®, under a single user interface.

Unify multiple clients from different VMS-systems, and even manage different software versions of the same VMS-system.

You can also:

    • Connect cameras and recording systems

        directly to Hilding

    • Integrate alarm management systems

    • Integrate facilities management systems.


Increase productivity and service quality with smart functionality


Hilding offers:

    • Alarm aggregation

    • Alarm grouping

    • Auto accept alarm(s)

    • Extended video loss alarm handling

    • Notification system

    • Parallel alarm management.




Scalable, easy, reliable

Typical applications

    • Alarm/incident centres

    • Multi site/multiple or fragmented VMS-platform integration

  • Video cameras and healthcare ward/patient monitoring systems     integration.

    • Radar intrusion detection and video monitoring integration.



Hilding’s sophisticated diagnostics tool handles errors such as:

    • Camera recording errors

    • Lost camera signals

    • Cameras with the wrong time



Hilding collects system statistics and generates reports for:

    • Guarded site cost breakdown

    • Monitoring centre personnel productivity

  • Incident logs

    • and more…


Scalable, easy singel front end


  • Singel-front end to use several different subsystems
  • Fast alarm handling and action plan
  • Easy to use
  • Buy time and re-schedule arming hours on the fly
  • Easy system overview
  • Extended Videoloss alarm
  • and more...



  • Fast presentation on error down to camera level
  • Arrange windows for your specific task
  • Recording controller
  • Alarm controller
  • Time controller
  • and more...



  • Get sophisticated reports on the system
  • Identify workload and plan operators accordingly
  • Top alarm sites
  • Extensive event logs
  • and more...

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