Total control with ease

Tennotech's Watchman Client is a new paradigm in monitoring complex large scale video systems.

As Hilding has the ability to integrates VMS-systems, such as Bosch or Milestone Xprotect¬ģ, under a single user interface, the operator only needs to use the Watchman Client even if your customers are using different sub-systems, making it easy and fast for the operator to learn and use Watchman efficiently.


All the functionality is based on monitoring central staff and their operators; what there demands are when handling real-time video alarms and what would make there work more efficient and still reaming a high quality service for the end user.


Watchman is unifying multiple security technology to give the operator all the tools needed to perform the desired task, if it's externally trigged alarms, passage control, lone workers, intruder alarms or an IoT solution, they never need to jump to difference system to complete the task.


There is also possible to tailor the systems after a particular need if needed.







Easy to start and master

The watchman client is design with the operator in mind for easy and fast work flow, we gather input from several monitoring central on what would benefit the working operator the most when performing surveillance on large video systems.


We test all new functions with operator for feedback if the functions is working as they intended before release.


Our focus is the security operators in first hand.


identify bottlenecks

Watchman utilizes a powerful administration tool to get statistics from the system.


Every event and every action is logged and saved in a database, with this information the administration is able to collect the data to see what clients are on a heavy work load or during which hours the monitoring central needs more or less staff.


Simply making the monitoring central more cost efficient.


fast support and overlook

For the technical staff watchman provides an easy overview of all the subsystems and cameras that has encountered a problem, so that the technician is able to perform an service on the clients devices fast.


The systems checks for recoring, alarms or if the internal clocks is out of sync, and more system events that may be of interest.


The technician can customize the work area for the particular need.




Scalable, easy singel front end

Design for operators

  • Alarm wizard
  • Case-system
  • Easy camera oversight
  • I/O presentation
  • Speaker support directly from alarm window.


Powerful tools

To help operators to perform their task, there is a powerful tool set for alarm gandering.

  • Extended video-loss
  • 4G or low bandwidth auto close
  • Create schedule exception from client
  • Suspend alarm from client


Single front end

The operators never needs to change between systems from different clients, all subsystems are presented the same with no difference. Giving the operator a way to become very familiar with one system, not a jack of all trades and a master of none.

  • Single front end
  • Very scalable
  • Object credentials

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